Sometimes a regular bag just won’t get the job done. With our state-of-the-art equipment, in-house design team and superior, full-cycle customer care, we can do just about anything. Christmas tree bag shaped like the tree? No problem. Highly specialized mailing bags? Check. If you need it, we’ll go that extra mile to create the perfect packaging solution for your business.

Our most common specialty products include:

Shaped bags & cohesive

Have a uniquely shaped product? The PolyFirst design team will work with you to create a shaped bag that is attractive, functional and easy to use.

Some of our most requested features are:
  • Lips
  • Vent holes
  • Wicketed
  • Hot-needled
  • Tear-notch seals
  • Sequential numbering
  • Sequential bar-coding
  • Printing up to 10+ colors
  • Horizontal and vertical perforations
  • Stapled pack, with or without chip board
  • Many film options, including clear to colored film

Ful-Wrap™ Film & Kraft products

PolyFirst’s cohesive materials feature a self-adhering coating which bonds to itself and not to the product being packaged. These cohesive materials are available in paper, film, film laminated to foam and paper laminated to foam. Our premier material is Ful-Wrap™, which is paper or high-density film laminated to foam, and cohesive coated.

For additional mailer options, check out our E-commerce/ mailer style bags here.

Cohesive packaging wrap

Cohesive packaging wrap is ideal for mailers and shipping and a great replacement for wasteful standard-size mailers. Create your own precisely-sized mailers for books, catalog and e-commerce products, plus hundreds of other items for UPS and mail shipments. Available with or without perfs for easy openings and widely used with automated machines to rapidly pack your items. Cohesive is the perfect solution for interior packaging and storage. Need to protect metal, wood, steel, painted or aluminum surfaces during shipping? PolyFirst can easily handle it. Our cohesive protective wrap is even used to protect the bark of young trees during shipment.

Choose from one of the products below, or call us for your custom needs.
  • Ful-Wrap
  • E-z Wrap
  • Cohesive Film
  • Ful-Wrap Kraft
  • Cohesive Kraft & Linerboard

Ful-Wrap™ Film, E-Z Cushion Wrap & Kraft Products

Microfoam® or PE foam laminated to LDPE kraft paper with a cohesive coating that sticks only to itself and not to your product! It’s available in custom sizes up to 36″ on non-perfed or perfed rolls and can be run with colored films. Kraft is available in custom-sized rolls, natural Kraft, with 10+ color printing also available.

Choose this solution for:
  • Mailers
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Protective wrap
  • Surface protection
  • Interior packaging
  • Interleaving protection