Rollstock & Laminated rollstock

PolyFirst’s rollstock films work for any type of form-fill- seal application. Dress up your packaging with custom-printing, custom-colored films, Inno-Lok zippers and laminated structures.

We use the highest quality printing processes and materials to produce rollstock to your specifications, including the option to add re-closable Inno-Lok zipper features. Narrow webs are not a problem; we have a wide range of slitting and winding capabilities.

Laminated rollstock is the gold standard for pouch packaging. It consists of multiple layers and materials for a sturdy stand-up pouch with outstanding barrier properties and amazing sealing ability.

Laminated rollstock also buries the ink to eliminate the possibility of ink contamination. A bonus benefit is its appearance – locking the ink between film layers produces vivid colors that won’t scratch or fade.

Rollstock film options

  • PET or MetPet
  • Polypropylene
  • BOPP or MetBOPP
  • Clear to colored film
  • LLDPE/LDPE blend sealant
  • COEX – can include nylon or EVOH

Rollstock printing features

  • UVI inks
  • Rub compound
  • Matte finish varnish
  • Printing up to 10+ colors


  • Perforations
  • Inno-Lok zippers
  • 3″ or 6″ core capable
  • Sequential numbering and/or barcoding

Sheeting Options

  • J-sheeting
  • True tubing
  • Center fold
  • Narrow web
  • Slit-sealed tubing
  • Single-wound sheeting (SWS)