Individually Cut


Individually cut bags, typically side-sealed with a folded bottom, are the workhorse of plastic bags. They’re often used for press-seal bags, tradeshow bags and general purpose bags for retail packaging or industrial applications.  Side-seal bags are ideal for hand-loading and PolyFirst offers a variety of weights and materials.

Wicketed bags can be packaged a number of ways to improve the speed of your product packing. PolyFirst offers wicketed, staple-packed, hot-needled and chipboard in a variety of sizes, weights and customizations.

And when your packaging needs a little more oomph to stand out from the competition, PolyFirst can maximize your product’s shelf presence with 10+ color printing and other custom features.


  • Lip
  • Adhesives
    • Glue and liner
    • Permanent adhesives
    • Re-sealable adhesives
  • Bottom-gusseted
  • 10+color printing
  • High integrity seals
    • Skip seals
    • Compartment seals
  • Numerous film options, from clear to colored
  • Standard and reinforced headers
  • Various hang holes and vent holes
  • Horizontal and vertical perforations
  • Zippers
    • Top load
    • Evident bottom load
  • Sealed-in fold (for reinforcing handle bags)
  • Sequential numbering and/or sequential bar-coding